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O-Calc Pro version 5.03


Current users of O-Calc Pro software with a valid license and current maintenance agreement may download the latest version of the O-Calc Pro application (version 5.03) using links on this page.  Additional links to training and support materials are found below.


Important Note:

O-Calc Pro 5.03 is available in both manual and installer based versions.

Depending on your environment you may wish to use the installer or to
manually install the files.

For those using the installer it is highly recommended that you first do
the following:

1) Uninstall your current version.
2) Manually navigate to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Osmose\O-Calc Pro".
3) Delete the "bin" folder there.

This prevents problems caused by certain aggressive Anti-Virus programs
that incorrectly prevent the removal of selected components from older
versions which in turn may prevent proper operation of O-Calc Pro

For those wishing to install O-Calc Pro 5.03 manually you may use the .ZIP

To do so simply replace your existing "bin" folder (usually found at
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Osmose\O-Calc Pro") with the "bin" folder from
the .ZIP and optionally place the newer documentation files in the
AppData folder of your installation.


Software Downloads

Download O-Calc Pro

- Download and install the most recently released version of O-Calc Pro

** Operating System Requirements: Windows 64-bit with 8GB RAM

Previous Versions

- Download and install the older releases using the "OLDER" link on the downloads page

** This is not recommended as there is no guarantee of inclusion of latest regulations.

Documents and Downloads

Release Notes


Full Release Notes for this version of O-Calc Pro

Pole Catalogs


The latest pole and equipment catalogs, including manufactured pole, can be found here.

O-Calc Pro YouTube Channel


Online videos detailing the features and operation of O-Calc Pro

O-Calc Pro WIKI


Tips and tricks, installing optional plugins, programmer documentation, videos and related information

O-Calc Pro Download and Installation Instructions

You must be a system administrator on your machine in order to download and install this software. In addition, Windows 7 users may be required to download the software to a local folder (or desktop) and then run the installation as administrator. If you are unsure about your installation privileges consult your IT staff.

To download and install the software:

  • Click on the O-CalcPro_version.msi link.
  • Click on the Save button when prompted to Run, Save or Cancel.
  • A window will open and allow you to browse to find a location to save the downloaded file. Pick a location and click Save and the download will start.
  • When the download finishes, double-click the .msi file to begin the install.

Users with Norton Internet Security (versions 2009 or better), Norton 360 and Symantec Endpoint Protection have reported problems when downloading and installing the OCalc Pro setup program as soon as an upgrade is made available. If you experience this issue try disabling your antivirus protection before downloading and during setup.

If you are still not able to download you may be able to restore the download from Norton's Antivirus quarantine.  Norton's scanner reports this as a WS.Reputation.1 threat and quarantines the download. If you are familiar with your security product's (NIS, N360, SEP) client interface you should be able to locate the quarantined file and restore it to a location on your system. Once restored you can simply launch O-CalcPro_version.msi to complete the installation. Detailed information on restoring from NIS can be found here.

Osmose Utilities signs all its code with a trust certificate issued to "Osmose Inc." by "Thawte Code Signing CA - G2". We submit our software release packages to Symantec to be white-listed as soon as we can. There is often a delay (from a few days to a few weeks) before Symantec can approve our software for white-listing, update their database and download it to your system (Liveupdate*). In the meantime O-Calc Pro downloads are subject to identification as a false positive threat and may be blocked or quarantined.

* Norton Liveupdate is installed with Norton products to manage downloading and installing the latest security definitions. If you have Norton Liveupdate enabled for periodic automatic updates you will receive the update without further action. Otherwise you must run Liveupdate manually.


Page last revised: November 10, 2017

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